barefoot women solar engineering

barefoot women solar engineerings,

Is a group of 12 women who have been trained in India, among others. In recent years, they have installed about 3000 small photovoltaic systems in the surrounding villages of their campus, on the huts of the villagers. Billing, maintenance and possible repairs are their daily work. They also train women from other parts of the country, currently including Ebola survivors, in PV technology.
In addition to PV technology, you also want to use other renewable forms of decuration. For this purpose, the areas Biomasse/biogas, wind power and wind power will be set up in cooperation with Bintumani D-SL. The information and apprenticeship workshop is planned for 2017.

We must state:
After fraud and theft of a larger sum of money (€20,000) by the bw, we ended the cooperation in 2018.
We warn against further cooperation with barefoot women solar!

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