Operation for Mohamed

Bintumani D-SL helps Mohamed During the pediatric surgical intervention of our doctors in spring 2018, a little boy, Mohamed, was introduced to them. He has considerable malformations of the face. Since an operation in Sierra Leone is not possible, we have tried to get him to Germany. The employees of “Löwe für Löwe” (Brunswick/Brigitte-Village) provided...
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EDUREC can start

We are happy! After a “precise” application procedure under the supervision of “bengo-Engagement Global”, the approval has been obtained. Until the end of the year we, barefoot women solar Engineers and Bintumani D-SL, can use the amount of 50000,00 € for the construction of an EDUREC training centre. Training rooms and workshops (electrical, wood, metal)...
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With momentum into the new year

We wish all readers and supporters a healthy and successful year 2018. We have ambitious plans for the year 2018. We will start our “Pediatric Surgery Service” in Sierra Leone in January. As in previous years, Dr. M. Wright and his eight-person team will once again eliminate deformities in young patients and thus enable them...
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First aid kits handed over

Our partners, the “barefoor women solar Engineers”, have handed over further boxes of dressing material to 15 health stations and schools in the last few days: 1. Our Lady of Kwama Secondary school 2.Crossing Community Health Clinic(C.H.C) 3.CHC Mahineh/Masorie 4.CHC.-Caritas Clinic ; mile 3 Newton 5.CHC.Makonkonday 6.CHC Sumbuya 7. CHC.Kussy Koya. 8.CHC Madaka 9. CHC.Songo...
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receive an award

For our idea of a monitoring system for Meni Curve in Sierra Leone we were awarded by the Solarzentrum Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Information about the KARANA project can be found on the website of “Soldesign”.

Windenergy from Berlin to Sierra Leone

Die Deutsche Welle (DW) hat einen kleinen Beitrag zum Bau eines Windgenerators erstellt. Hier der Bericht wir wir mit “KitRad” an dem Windgenerator bauen. Deutsche Welle (DW) has made a small contribution to the construction of a wind generator. Here is the report we build with “KitRad” on the wind genera    

Windgenerator III

Again and again a bit further on to the finished wind generator. The coils are wound, placed and soldered professionally. Dr. J. Ladipoh explains to Deutsche Welle (DW) the construction of the wind turbine for our energy training project “EDUREC”.    
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