We support the health work of our partners in Sierra Leone with many different projects. While it started with the establishment of the sole gynaecological station in Freetown during the rebel war, support continued in the following years. The United Brethren Church (UBC) was founded and shortly after opened its own hospital and a nursing school in Mattru Jong.

Further health aid projects of our association were/are: 

  • Dr. T. Bell as leader of the hospital in Freetown (in the founding years of the association, during the turmoil of war)
  • UBC Hospital in Mattru Jong
  • Dr. Wright and his team from Kassel performing pediatric surgery 
  • for-first-aid: Collection of first aid kits and distribution to schools and communities in Sierra Leone
  • STREET CHILD: Life support for Ebola orphans
  • Klin Salone: Waste disposal project
  • Radio Health – Welbody Talk: Health education via radio
  • Management of the post-Ebola crisis 

In addition, we create and support a network of hospitals and medical wards that is being set up and subsidized by German non-governmental organisations. Mutual support is to strengthen the work of the various NGOs. 




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