Klin Salone

Klin Salone

Lots of young people have come together in Freetown in the name of “Klin Salone”. In small groups of three to ten, young boys and girls collect garbage from the households and transport it to one of the two large garbage dumps of the city. 

The project was initiated by Bintumani member Dr. Salua Nour as part of a GTZ contract more than 10 years ago. 

The core idea is to partially alleviate youth unemployment in Freetown in a self-governed system. The second purpose, however, is an environmental one. By removing the waste from the narrow houses and streets, the living environment is created healthier and more hygienic which is an important example for the citizens to follow. 

In the meantime, more than 500 young people have turned their attention to joining this project. Since the GTZ program had ended, we have been supporting Klin Salone in its development through discussions and advice during our stays in Freetown. In addition, these two former Bundeswehr trucks were donated to the project. They serve the groups as a mean of transport from the small collection points to the waste disposal site.

Presentation ceremony of the 2 trucks donated by Bintumani D-SL in 2014 for the Klin Salone project.






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