well boring

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]In 2006/2007 the master and trainer Mr. Christian Schulz-Topel took up a suggestion and carried out a well construction project with his trainees (sanitary technology) at the International Federation (IB) as part of the training.

Research in technical journals and the Internet have led to the fact that the trainees have built a prototype of a well drilling rig with little financial means. This purely mechanical device was then successfully tested in 2007 in Berlin-Zehlendorf.

The construction is suitable for borehole depths of up to approx. 9 -10 m in a sandy subsoil. No motor drives are required for the bore. The pure muscle power is enough!

During the meeting trip to Sierra Leone, November 2007, the travel group (10 participants) successfully used the well drilling rig in rural areas. The demonstration and training at our (then) partner showed a great effect, a great interest and was crowned with success. After two days of drilling, clear drinking water was found at a depth of 9 metres.

The previous solution there, filling water from a pond into canisters, leaving it to stand for three days and then drinking the upper part, can be a thing of the past with this well. The well drilling rig was successfully used several times in the following period and modified by the (then) partner.

Another prototype was handed over to Milton Margai College in Freetown in 2011. This prototype was then handed over to the Youth Development Project (YDP) in Oogofarm in 2013.

Economically, our design is of interest. Our partners in Sierra Leone, Bishop Billy Symbol and John Pessima with his priests from UBC, told us that the construction of a well there costs about 5000 $. Our construction, with its material value of approx. 500 €, is a very good alternative. Commitment and muscle power make it possible to build a well with little effort

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