Bintumani D-SL

Ein Deutsch-Sierraleonischer Freundschaftsverein

Wind Energy Training Nov 2019

Anzeige bei Renewables Salone (Freetown)

Wind Energy in Sierra Leone? Learn in a 5-days workshop that solar energy is not the only renewable energy source and construct your own wind turbine!

The German-Sierra Leonean association Bintumani D-SL will carry out a workshop in the wind energy sector. From November 4th until November 8th, 2019 Participants will learn how to construct a small wind turbine. The construction of the turbine is based on plans from Hugh Piggott and experts from Germany – KitRad ( and ERNI Kollektiv (

A functional wind turbine is already in place at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (Congo Cross Campus) where the workshop will take place at the Bintumani D-SL supported EDUREC Laboratory.

The instructors of the workshop are Mr. Norbert Hoffmann (Bintumani D-SL) and Christian Wencke (ERNI Kollektiv) from Germany. Partners in Sierra Leone are:

– Milton Margai College of Education and Technology
– Light Salone Innovation
– Youth Development Project (YDP)
– Mr. Des Peters (Kenema)

Workshop participants will not only learn how to construct a functional wind turbine, but get a good basic understanding of electrical engineering.The workshop is supported by GIZ/EnDev.

We strongly encourage WOMEN with backgrounds in renewable energy or electrical engineering, to apply for the training. Please, send a short motivation letter, including your name and contact details to