Bintumani D-SL is founded by representatives of Germany and Sierra Leone in November while doctors from Berlin provide support for doctor friends of theirs in Freetown.
Communication between the partners YMCA and CCSL is hindered by several side effects of the civil war. Thanks to private financial supporters and charitable donations of medicine and medical equipment, it is possible nevertheless to keep up the support for the non-profit ‚Brookfields Community Clinic and Health Centre‘ in Freetown during the battles. Temporarily the hospital managed by Bintumani-member Dr. Christian Bell is the only functioning institution where surgeries can be realized by a cooperating team of local physicians and ‚médecins sans frontiers‘.  At the same time a department for gynecology is established. 


A 40-feet relief-container in the amount of 80.000 DM is being delivered, including medical supplies, clothing and staple foods. Recipients of the aid delivery are the ‚Brookfields Community Clinic and Health Centre‘ and the ‚Krootown-Bay-School For The Poor‘, where the construction of a rest room can be financed. 


Bintumani raises an internet cafe in Freetown where from now on also training sessions in operating systems and application programs take place.


Support for the ‚Krootown-Bay-School for the Poor‘ is being expanded: a cooperation with ‚Bread for the World‘ provides school lunches, at the same time teaching materials and additional facilities are funded. The internetcafe is still subsidized. 


The vocational instructor Norbert Hoffmann (<http://www.osz-kt.de/>Hans-Böckler-Schule <http://www.osz-kt.de/ueber-uns/foerderverein.html>) develops a project to pique his students’ curiosity with the rich treasure trove of experience of senior citizens. Main focus is on life in a global context and environmental sustainability. Especially prompt action oughts to deepen the subjects taught. 

Aim of the study group is to provide new jobs for young people in Sierra Leone and to collect and ship tooling equipment as well as sewing machines for vocational training and self-supply. In connection with the project there are cooperations with the company ‚Anti-Rost‘ and the ‚Hans-Böckler-School‘ department of structural engineering.


First Visit of Dr. Ladipoh and N.Hoffmann in Freetown in October/November. Due to various difficulties the Sierra Leonean part of Bintumani D-SL has to stop working which is why the whole organization is assigned to the base in Berlin. 

People interested in our project are invited to join the international association Bintumani e.V..

The Federal President of Germany, Horst Köhler, visits and gets handed over ten mechanical sewing machines for his first journey to Africa. In the following there remains a vivid exchange of information about the project between the President and the ‚OSZ Konstruktionsbautechnik‘. In June 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Köhler come to see the ‚Hans-Böckler-School’.

Two containers are conveyed to Sierra Leone by ship. These include a portable repair shop for metal as well as another 120 mechanical sewing machines and equipment for vocational training. 


Bintumani sponsors M. Kamara from the Fa. FINIC a residence in Berlin for four weeks. During his stay in September he visits several education facilities, looking for inspiration for his own workshop in Freetown. A selected amount of tools shall be shipped to Freetown in 2007.

At the general meeting in autumn taking place in Berlin we especially thank the GTZ-member Martin Brehm for his generous commitment and support in Freetown.

Together with the bishop of the United Bretheren Church, Billy Simbo, further projects are discussed and planned for the near future.

Dieter Pfaff, actor and UNICEF-ambassador to Sierra Leone, supports our commitment in the third world country. He donates the full sum of 20.000 € to the project which he has just won in the TV show ‚Star Quiz‘ with Jörg Pilawa.


Journey to Sierra Leone:

Five trainees and retirees each travel to Sierra Leone in November. As part of the ENSA program the team under the direction of N. Hoffmann has the following agenda:

  • Visiting the training center of the Fa. FINIC and M. Kamara
  • Testing and handover of a well driller to M. Kamara 
  • Getting to know the countryside and culture with it’s many facings 
  • Dr. Ladipoh and J. Pessima, bishop of the United Brethren in Church (UBC), resolve to first build up and afterwards back a training center in Mattru Jong


The Hans-Böckler-School is awarded a prize for an outstanding commitment of the trainees in their project by the foundation ‚Theodor Heuss: Democratic action‘. 

In February, Dr. Ladipoh visits the annual conference of west african surgeons in Freetown. He meets up with the deputy of the UBC Sierra Leone and both agree to support the development of the regional hospital in Mattru Jong (Bonthe District). In order to provide the institution with the necessary basic equipment two containers are shipped to Freetown. The action is organized by a collaboration of the ‚Huckepack‘ association of the ‚Johannesstift‘ and the GTZ.


Dr. Wright and his colleagues travel to Sierra Leone in order to conduct several paediatric surgeries.

The Federal President Horst Köhler awards Norbert Hoffmann the ‚Verdienstkreuz am Bande des Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland‘ for his social commitment especially in Africa. (<http://bintumani.de/bundesverdienstkreuz-an-n-hoffmann/>)

In a state occasion the undersecretary of state, Claudia Zinke, hands the certificate over to the senior vocational teacher (<http://bintumani.de/bundesverdienstkreuz-an-n-hoffmann/>).


Paediatric surgeries are performed for a second time by Dr. Wright and his colleagues.


Student F. Polte and vocational instructor N.Hoffmann travel to Sierra Leone for a three-week sojourn in order to hold vocational trainings. 

A small computer network, which is based in the operating system UBUNTU, is installed in the Milton Margai College in Freetown and local administrators get instructed by the Germans. 

A workshop for young female students is organized in which they learn about various possible business models and at the same time maps for tourism and other economic domains can be drawn due to the ‚OPEN STREET MAP‘ project. 

Dr. Ladipoh and Miata Ladipoh visit our partners in Freetown an in Mattru Jong and together they discuss the future collaboration. 


Ernest Bai Koroma, President of Sierra Leone, pays a visit to Berlin with his wife. In this context Bintumani D-SL organizes a visitation of Mrs. Sia Nama Koroma at the children’s hospice ‚Sonnenhof’ which is run by the ‚Björn Schulz‘ foundation in Berlin Pankow.  


A container full of goods amounting to 70000,00€ is sent to Sierra Leone. It contains 7000 glasses, the equipment for a computer room destined for the Milton Margai College and medical equipment. 

Dr. Wright performs another pediatric surgery with several colleagues. 


During a stopover in Sierra Leone Dr. Ladipoh und D. Schröder discuss the future collaboration with the UBC. 

Bishop Pessima expresses his gratitude to the Bintumani association for their long lasting assistance at the hospital and the emerging training center in Mattru Jong.  

With the CVJM Rödinghausen, a new partner supports the Youth Development Project with equipment for a carpentry and the project ‚women in action‘ is being delivered a computer and sewing machines for their school in Freetown. 


Dr. Wright continues with his voluntary clinical practice while the Bintumani network grows with lots of new active members and several NGOs in Germany. 

Due to the Ebola-crisis in Sierra Leone everything possible is done in both partner countries to eliminate the virus disease. Apart from collecting donations for necessary safety precautions Bintumani also aims to eradicate hunger and prevent a financial collapse. 

In cooperation with the Sierra Leonean embassy in Berlin protective gear and other material can be sent to some needy hospitals. 


The newly established network makes a first impact. Six non-governmental organizations donate over 170.000€ to the Ebola-campaign and thereby fund several safety precautions as well as the living of many people. 

A second meeting of the NGO representatives takes place at the embassy in Berlin. They come to the conclusion that the NGOs’ commitment should be supported by the ambassador Mr. J. Stevens from now on. 

Moreover, another container is shipped to Sierra Leone while there is a fund-raising campaign in Germany for the heart surgery of nine year old Mohamed from Freetown. (<http://bintumani.de/hilfe-fuer-mohamed/>)

Visit at the partner institutions in Sierra Leone to evaluate previous collaborations and make new contacts. The aim is to bring in especially schools for the deaf as well as institutions to install decentralized renewable energy sytems. 


A new project is brought into being: EDUREC which stands for EDUcation REnewable Energy Center is a cooperation between the ‚Milton Margai College‘ and the ‚barefoot women solar engineers‘.

At the Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Bintumani presents their current projects in the course of the african festival ‚KE NA KO’.

The association holds an informative meeting to discuss the chances for an improvement of living conditions in Sierra Leone on September 30th. In Berlin-Neukölln, Dr. Wright and Dr. Ladipoh give lectures on the issue of health while their colleagues Prof. Dr. M. Hartmann, Dr. T. Wolfram, K. Pellmann and N. Hoffmann concentrate on the topic of renewable energies.

The project ‚Meni Curve’ is being prepared; A village shall be endowed with 50 small-home-systems as well as solar collectors of a school and a hospital ward.

In October another container is sent to Freetown. Bintumani member Dietmar Schröder locally organizes the distribution between our partners barefoot women solar engineers, Milton Margai College, Youth Development Project, Lion for Lion and UBC-Churchpartners. 

The shipping contains tools for wood-working, metal processing, some computers, monitors and lots of first-aid boxes. 


Dr. Ladipoh and N.Hoffmann travel to Sierra Leone in January and February. 

Our partner “barefoot women solar engineers ” install solar systems in Meni Curve, Sierra Leone for 50 houses, a school and the infirmary. The project is financed by the Schmitz Foundation.

Preparations for the project begins
Information and training centre for renewable energies with decentralised small energy plants. EDUREC – EDUCATION RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTER

A further container transport in cooperation with our partner CVJM Rödinghausen is being prepared

Bintumani D-SL receives an award for the KARANA project in Meni Curve


Dr. Ladipoh and N.Hoffmann travel to Sierra Leone in January.

Our team of doctors, “Pediatric Surgery”, travels to Sierra Leone in March to free more than 100 children from their deformities during 2 weeks in operations, some of them very complicated.

EDUREC will be continued. For the module “Biomass Biogas” the first training facilities will be installed in Konta Line in March. Engagement Global has been supporting the project since July 2018. The EDUREC network in Berlin organises curricula and teaching materials for the training centre of barefoot women in Konta LIne.

Engagement Global (bengo/BMZ) approves a first project application for 50.000€ for the EDUREC project. We have to raise 12500,00€ of it ourselves.

The foundation “nord-süd-brücken” approves a project for Meni Curve. The monitoring system “Karana” can be used. This allows barefoot women to better control the solar systems installed in the 50 houses last year and to intervene more quickly in the event of faults.

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