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Bishop Pessima berichtet


It all started in May this year when this disease of ebola entered Sierra Leone through Guinea and Liberia. As it became so tensed, we made an apple to Global Ministries for sensitization and prevention of ebola for our pastors, teachers and medical practitioners in the Sierra Rutile and Mattru communities. These professional groups were chosen because they have a large constituent and if they stand before their congregations or students and talk on the existent, causes and prevention of the disease, the information must go round quickly.

We thank God for Global Ministries immediate response to our cry. Through their support, a team of professionals were put together immediately and we went to the Sierra Rutile and Mattru communities were the United Brethren Conference have majority of our schools and churches to conduct a workshop on the sensitization and prevention of ebola. A total of 165 people were catered for in both communities who were to go back and train others in their own communities. After the two days training of trainers, which took place on the September 15th in Sierra Rutile and 16th in Mattru, each of these participants were provided with a T-shit, materials on the causes and prevention of ebola and a veronica bucket with medicated soap for their schools and churches(it is now a routine to wash hands with either soap or chlorine before entering into homes and public places including churches). The programs were successful with participants returning home fully aware of what to do to prevent this virus. Bonthe district were we have the Mattru Hospital, a Nursing school of over 450 students, two Secondary(High) schools and many primary schools is not took affected for now. A precautionary measure has been taken by preparing the TB Ward at the hospital for any eventuality. Yesterday’s confirmed ebola cases are as follows:  Kailahun Districts 22

Kenema       ”       1

Bo                   ”       1

Tonkolili         ”       3

Western Area       2

The total number of deaths for the whole country as at now is 483 which is very much alarming and the number keep on going up every day. We have a moral responsibility as a church to continue with the intervention and help our people with relief items like food etc.

We have not ended yet. As a church, we believe in reaching out to people in need just as our Lord Christ Jesus went out preaching the Good News, giving hope to the hopeless at the same time He healed the sick and fed those that were hungry. We still want to conduct similar sensitization and prevention programs for our members in Bo and Freetown were the virus is growing very fast because of the influx of people from Port Loko in the north. We are still continuing with our APPEAL and PRAYER REQUEST for these two conference districts. It is really challenging for us as we also keep getting requests from our brethren in Liberia knowing their situation too. Please don’t forget to keep them in your PRAYES as this is a new congregation that is suffering too like us in Sierra Leone. Kenema is still quarantined and they need food and other related items as they cannot easily get these. The country’s economy is down but we still have hope in the Lord that He will bring this to an end very soon. ATTACHED ARE PICTURES OF THE PROGRAMS THAT WERE HELD IN RUTILE AND MATTRU

Bishop John Pessima.



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