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Bintumani D-SL
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Many thanks to all members, partners, sponsors

Since the foundation of the association, many people have been committed to and in our association. 
Without their commitment, many projects and activities would not have been possible. 

Many projects have worked and contributed to:

help2sl: Dietmar Schroeder, Gernot Wittenberg, Frank Polte, Norbert Paß, Dr. Till Wolfram, Benjamin Zett, Christian Schulz-Topel , Julian Palt, Peter Mansaray, Mathias Köhler, Karl-Heinz Merke, Urs rasch, Olaf Wustrau, Bruno Czichon, H.Kobetic ECO-PC, Klaus Pellmann, Prof.Dr. Michael Hartmann, Martin Rammensee, Harald Sterzenbach, Volker Schnell, Jenny Wrede, Lilli Malu-Tiefel, Simon Göß, Immanuel Dorn, Tobias Koops, Setu Pelz, Steffen Eyhorn.

School leaders and colleagues of the Hans Böckler School (OSZ Construction Technology) in Berlin-Keuzberg,

PediatricSurgery : Dr. Morley Wright, Dr. Heidemarie Fabian-Pittroff, Dr. Tillman Gresing, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naieb, Dr. Volker Dreimann, Dr. Gertrud Kretzschmar, Dr. Esther Lau, Esther Käufler, Dr. Kathrin Rüße, Dr. Sarah Al-Naieb, Sönke Scheunemann, Dr. Katrin Ruesse, Madeleine Martin

for-first-aid: Christian Vesper dealership BMW, M.Finn dealership BMW,  H. Liebner dealership KADEA, N.Ertel dealership Leven, M.Leder dealership Gorsler, H.Mertins Level 360 GmbH

Klin Salone: Dr. Salua Nour, Ken Kokker, Dauda Brima, Mr. Bona

Ebola Campaign : Dr. Sia Satta Kpakiwa

Containertransports and contact in Sierra Leone: Dauda Brima, Dr. Tilly Bell. Francis Palmer, Ken Kokker, Phillip Bona

Thanks also to:

Rotary Club Potsdam, Bernau, Freetown (Dr. Dave Wright), Hans Krüger Foundation, Meta-Katschftung Foundation, Schmitz Foundation, Association of the Hans Böckler School (OSZ Construction Technology) in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Gertrud Maschke Foundation.

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