Klin Salone

Klin Salone

Under the name “Klin Salone” many young people have joined together in Freetown.
Small groups of 3-10 young people, girls and boys, collect the garbage from the households and transport it to one of the two big garbage dumps in the city.

The project was initiated by the Bintumani member, Dr. Salua Nour. More than 15 years ago, it developed the concept as part of a GTZ contract.
The core idea is to alleviate youth unemployment in Freetown, in part, in a self-managed system.
Another effect of removing the rubbish from the narrow houses and streets to create a healthier environment. In the meantime, more than 500 young people, organized in various groups, have turned to this task.
After the end of the GTZ program, we support the “Klin Salone” idea through discussions and consultationwith the young people during our stays in Freetown as well as in constant exchange via email and WhatsApp. A lengthy but frauy cooperation.

Two former Bundeswehr trucks were a major donation. These serve the Klin Salone groups as means of transport from the small collection points to the landfill.

In 2018, the organization, in cooperation with Bintumani D-SL in Berlin, issued a renewed statute. The graphic gives an overview of the structure.

Handover ceremony of the 2 trucks donated by Bintumani D-SL in 2014 for the Klin Salone project.

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