In recent years, we have learned that about 70% of amputations in Sierra Leone involve legs and feet. Our association is involved in the collection of “discarded” prosthetic parts that “remain” in Germany after replacement in the medical supply stores. They, although 100% still in order, must not be reused.
These prosthetic parts, which were given to us, are handed over to the orthopaedic technician Mr. Ibrahim Mosto Conteh in Makeni. He adjusts these parts and passes them on to patients.
We would like to thank the donor companies

3 examples of patients treated in the "enable salone workshop"

Hawanatu Sillah

Emmanuel Kanu

Fatmata Kargbo

Prostheses are expensive!
This is what we ask you to do
with a donation.
A bank statement is sufficient for your tax statement up to €200. In addition, we will send you a corresponding certificate. Please provide your name and address when making the transfer

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