Meni Curve

Meni Curve
is a small town in Sierra Leone. The pictures on the right give a small overview of the situation of the village. At a fork in the green area of the little scarcies, 650 people live in about 60 houses. Of these, more than half of the inhabitants are under the age of 18. In the village there is a primary school with 4 school rooms and a small infirmary. Families make a living through agriculture and small trade. The nearest shop is 3.1 miles away.

The living conditions are more than arduous. Water is taken from the river 800 metres away. Usually by the women and children,. A river that is also used for body hygiene, as well as for washing clothes. There is no electricity in all the houses of the village. The necessary light, after the short twilight time, at night, is donated by burning blackening kerosene lamps. Unhealthy for the respiratory tract. This village stands in its structure for the majority of villages outside the 5 major cities in Sierra Leone.

Our partner organisation, the “barefoot women solar engineers”, have proposed to us in talks to support the village of Meni Curve. That is what we have implemented. In 2016 and 2017, 50 houses, the school and the infirmary were equipped with small photovoltaic systems. The kerosene lamps should then be a thing of the past. The infirmary also receives a refrigerator for the safe storage of the medication.

The village has light. In the meantime, all 52 solar systems are installed and functionable!

In cooperation with the company, Phaesun ( ) in Memmingen) were chosen and financed the following technical equipment:

SHS on the residential buildings:
Energy Comfort Kit Solar Side Kit Three 1.0 1x Solar Side Seven, 2x Solar Module 10 W,| 12 VDC,| poly, 1x Super Illu 270 lm, 1x Super Illu 450 lm, 1x Sunflower 270 lm, 2x Illu Plug Cable 5 m, 2x Extension Cable 5 m, 1x USB Mobile Phone Adapter Set

BOSS KitKeep Fresh, 24 VDC, incl. Cable, installation material, module holder, solar charge controller, 2x 140 Wp module, 2x 65 Ah closed battery

Rural Electrification Kit En Light IG3 1.0,2 LED tubes 11W/1,100 lm, 2 modules 30W, 2 batteries 38Ah

These installed photovoltaic systems enable a CO2 restriction of approx. 15 tons per year!

Mr. Ken Kokker of the Bintumani Association in Sierra Leone, in collaboration with barefoot women solar engineers, helped install the plants and sent us this report:

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