Equip training


The first two containers from Berlin-Kreuzberg, with workshop equipment, will be brought from the port of Freetown in 2008 with the help of friends and handed over to our various partners. .

How do we get involved?

Creating craft training and jobs and equipping partner initiatives with qualified training places in many occupational areas is our goal.

With the idea of sustainability “reuse” = reuse (from the 3R idea: reduce, reuse, recycle ) we accept stored tools, machines and equipment. After repair and preparation, we send these, donated items from companies and individuals to our partners.
Sierra Leone, where our re-functioning tools and objects are needed for education and craftsmanship, is the goal.

In recent years, for example, we have sent 11 containers (20″ and 40″) of goods for all areas to Sierra Leone.

Some examples:

  • FINIC: A complete training workshop for metallbau, dismantled in a vocational school in Berlin-Neukölln.
  • Hospital Mattru Jong: Starting tools for a repair shop
  • Youth Development Project: A complete wood workshop.
  • Milton Margai College (Congo Cross Campus): IT equipment. 100 PC, 100 monitors, network technology for 3 classrooms
  • Sella Vocational Centre: 150 sewing machines for tailoring training
  • womem in action: 50 sewing machines
  • St. Georg-School: 20 PC workstations

Of course, we also accept new tools etc. and are also grateful for every donation. Repairing and processing, as well as shipping with containers, costs money!

PLease donate! We collect tools, machines for the following areas and professions:

  • Wood, carpenters and carpenters

  • Construction, Mason

  • Metal

  • Plumbing

  • Electric

  • Office supplies

  • Housekeeping, Catering

  • Health

  • Tailoring

  • Hairdresser/Cosmetics

  • Car technology (motorcycle, car, truck)

  • Agriculture

Always urgently needed: electricity generatorsof all kinds.

We ask for donations in kind and money. 
Please   with us We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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