Bintumani D-SL

Ein Deutsch-Sierraleonischer Freundschaftsverein


Information and training centre  
for renewable energies   with decentralized
small energy plants

The first self-built wind turbine in Sierra Leone was built. Under the organization of Bintumani D-SL, more than 35 young women and men built a fully functional wind turbine in Freetown (Sierra Leone) in 5 days in November 2019. The knowhow and the technical instructions came from Christian (MAX) Wenke the expert from the “ERNI Wind Wheel Collective” Thank You!

In large parts of the world, including Sierra Leone, many people have no or only limited access to electricity (or other forms of energy) There is often little chance of getting connected to the power grid in the foreseeable future Also the economic situation of the people in Sierra Leone is so bad that the costs of the rising prices for energy, fossil fuels for e.g. diesel generators are not to be borne. As a result, many people remain uncoupled from the future opportunities of a better living environment.
With the realization that every region of this earth (steppe, desert, rainforest, mountains) needs its own form of energy, the appropriate knowledge must be imparted.. Thus, photovoltaics can be used in sunny regions, biomass and hydropower in the green belt of this earth.

A prerequisite for meaningful use is knowledge of and continue to receive craft training to Construction and maintenance of these various plants.


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Our idea is to pursue the above– approach with EDUREC. People   (in Sierra Leone) should be able to see the opportunities of decentralized small renewable energy plants. With the knowledge of the various actuator sepias, they are then able to build and use appropriate plants.

This concept is intended to make it clear that the small decentralised renewable energy plants can counteract the rising costs of the world market and the large energy providers. The energy costs thus become more affordable.

Furthermore, it should be shown that the increasing negative effects of climate change can be countered by burning fossil fuels as alternatives. CO2 emissions can be reduced or even completely avoided. This is also in line with the recommendation in the UN Convention on Sustainable Development.

Our SDGs:

Goal 4: “High quality education”,
Goal 7: “Renewable energy”,
Goal 13: “Measures to protect the climate”.
associated with the
Goal 17: Partnerships to achieve the objectives

For Sierra Leone it is the first and only Energy Training Centre in this way! More to follow

The following modules are in the planning, implementation or construction of:

  • Module Curriculum, Sustainable BIldung
    Preparation of curricula for teaching, training, information events
    (Bintumani D-SL, OSZ TIEM, Milton Margai College, Light Salone Innovation)
  • Photovoltaic module
    Bintumani D-SL, SRH-Hochschule, Fa. Phaesun
  • Bioenergy module
    Construction of small demonstration biogas plants
    (Country Office, (b)energy )
  • Module Solar Thermal Energy
    Construction of a small solar thermal system
    (Country Office, Solar Village)
  • Module Wind Power
    Construction of a wind turbine 400-700 watts
    (KitRad, ERNI, Country Office, Models Solardorf Kettmansdorf)
    • The first WINDRAD is built in Berlin: Video
    • The first wind turbine in Freetown/Sierra Leone
      was completed in November 2019! Photos
  • Module Mechanical Energy
  • Christiani-Verlag and self-construction of an energy bicycle
    (Christiani-Verlag, OSZ Hein Moeller)
  • Hydrogen module
  • Module Stirling motor
  • Hydropower module
  • Module Teaching Models for Education andTraining
    (Bintumani D-SL with support from the solar village Kettmanshausen e.V.)
  • Module Online Learning
    Creation of an online learning platform for photovoltaic technology (SRH University)
  • Module Workshop: Electric, Metal, Wood
    Shopping lists for teaching materials and workshop facilities (Light Salone Innovation, Milton Margai College and Bintumani D-SL)
    Construction of workshops at Milton Margai College
  • Module Business
    Creating concepts for self-employment in small businesses

We are looking for dedicated professionals, as well as lay people, who want to deal with the possibilities of decentralized sustainable energy supply, such as photovoltaics, wind energy, biomass, solar thermal energy and hydropower, and who actively participate in the construction of small decentralized energy plants.

Together, we want to find ways to
although on a small scale, the energy problems in the villages of
Sierra Leone.

Get active and join us: Get in touch with us.

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