Foundation of the association “Bintumani D-SL” in November in Berlin and Freetown.
During the rebel war, friendly doctors from Berlin are supported in Freetown. Communication with the partners YMCA and the united Christian Council Sierra Leone (CCSL) is very difficult. Martial law, cut-off telephone connections, no flight connections caused us problems at the beginning of our association life.
Through private support, donations of equipment and medicines and private funds, the non-profit hospital “Brookfields Community Clinic and Health Centre” in Freetown could be supported even during the turmoil of war. At times, this hospital, run by the Sierra Leonean Bintumani member Dr Christian Bell, was the only functioning institution where local doctors could operate with a team of Doctors Without Borders and continue a gynaecology department.

Delivery of a 40-foot container with medical supplies, clothing and basic foodstuffs with a total value of DM 80,000.
The Brookfields Community Clinic and Health Centre, headed by Bintumani member Dr Bell, and the Krootown Bay School For The Poor were supported. Here the construction of a toilet facility was financed.

Bintumani is building an Internet cafe in Freetown. Training in operating systems and application programs also takes place in these rooms.

Continuation of support for the Krootown Bay School for the Poor. Cooperation with “Brot für die Welt”. School meals, teaching materials and the construction of a toilet facility were financed. The internet cafe continued to receive financial support.

The vocational school teacher Norbert Hoffmann (Hans-Böckler-Schule) develops a project in order to implement the curiosity of the trainees with the experience knowledge of senior citizens within the scope of his lessons. The focus was on learning about sustainability in dealing with resources and living in global contexts.
Active action should expand learning in class.
The theme of the project was to create training places for young people in Sierra Leone, to collect and send tools for a metal workshop and mechanical sewing machines for training and livelihood.
Cooperation with the Werkhaus Anti-Rost and the Hans-Böckler-Schule, Oberstufenzentrum Konstruktionsbautechnik.

Dr. Ladipoh and N.Hoffmann visit the partner association “Bintumani SL” in Freetown in October/November 2005.
Since the partner association Bintumani SL in Freetown did not carry out any more active work due to various difficulties, Bintumani D-SL in Berlin took over the joint organisation. All interested people were invited to become members of Bintumani e.V.. To become international.

Visit of the Federal President Horst Köhler:
After the first contact with the Federal President, handing over of 10 mechanical sewing machines for his first Africa trip. This resulted in an exchange of information on the project between the Office of the Federal President and the OSZ Konstruktionsbautechnik, which led to the visit of the Federal President and his wife to the Hans Böckler School in June 2005.

Two overseas containers are shipped to Sierra Leone. A transportable metal workshop in a container, as well as 120 mechanical sewing machines and materials for training.

Bintumani enables our partner M. Kamara from FINIC to spend four weeks in Berlin. During his stay in September, M. Kamara visits various training institutions in order to get ideas for an implementation in his training workshop in Freetown. He discusses with us the workshop equipment to be sent to Freetown in 2007. At the general meeting in Berlin in autumn 2006, we thanked the GTZ staff member Martin Brehm for his selfless commitment and support of our idea in Freetown.
During his visit to Berlin, we discussed and agreed further partner projects with Billy Simbo, bishop of the United Bretheren Church.

The actor and UNICEF ambassador for Sierra Leone, Dieter Pfaff, supports our commitment to Sierra Leone. He handed over his prize of 20000,00 €, in the programme “Star Quiz” with Jörg Pilawa in December 2006, to the project.

Work assignment – Journey to Sierra Leone
Five trainees and five senior citizens led by N.Hoffmann will travel to Sierra Leone in November 2007 as part of the ENSA programme.

Visit to the FINIC training centre, Mr. M.Kamara
Testing and handover of the well drilling rig to M.Kamara
Get to know the country and culture of Sierra Leone with its different facets
Dr. Ladipoh agrees with the Bishop of the United Brethren in Church (UBC), J. Pessima, to establish and support a training center in Mattru Jong.

The Theodor Heuss Foundation awards the project idea and the commitment of the trainees of the Hans Böckler School: Acting Democratically.
Dr. Ladipoh attended the annual conference of West African surgeons in Freetown (February 2008). Here he also met representatives of UBC Sierra Leone. It was agreed to support the regional hospital in Mattru Jong (Bonthe District) in the development of basic equipment.
Two overseas containers were shipped to Freetown in October in cooperation with the Johannesstift and GTZ Piggyback Association.

Dr. Wright organizes and conducts a pediatric surgical mission in SL with colleagues.

Federal President Horst Köhler awards Norbert Hoffmann the “Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany” for his social commitment, especially to the Africa project. In a small ceremony, State Secretary Claudia Zinke presented the certificate to Norbert Hoffmann, Senior Councillor of Studies, in the rooms of the Senator for Education, Youth and Science.

Dr. Wright organizes and conducts a second pediatric surgical assignment in SL with colleagues.

The student F. Polte and the vocational school teacher N.Hoffmann travel to Sierra Leone and carry out training courses during their three-week stay. At Milton Margai College/Freetown they install a small PC network under the UBUNTU operating system and train the administrators there in network technology. Young female students are explained the possibilities of a business model in a workshop. The OPEN STREET MAP project opens up the possibility of creating maps for tourism and other economic sectors.
Dr. Ladipoh and Miata Ladipoh visit our partners in Freetown and Mattru Jong and discuss further joint work.

President Koroma pays a visit to Berlin. In this context, Bintumani D-Sl organizes a program item for the president’s wife, Sia Nama Koroma. The children’s hospice Sonnenhof of the Björn Schulz Foundation in Berlin Pankow was visited.

Delivery of a container with various goods worth 70000,00€ to Sierra Leone. Content: 7000 glasses, a computer room equipment for the Milton Margei College as well as various clinical devices.
Dr. Wright organizes and conducts, together with colleagues, a pediatric surgical operation in SL.

During the planning stay in Sierra Leone the Bintumani members Dr. J.Ladipoh and D. Schröder organize the further cooperation with the UBC. Bishop Pessima thanked the Bintumani Association for the long-standing support of the hospital and the planned training centre in the Mattru Jong.
In a new collaboration with the YMCA Rödinghausen, the Youth Development Project in Sierra Leone is supported in equipping a joinery. With the container delivery (40 feet) the project “women in action” gets computers and sewing machines for their school in Freetown.

Dr. Wright organizes and conducts another pediatric surgical mission in SL with colleagues.

Establishment of an extended network of many active people and NGOs in the Federal Republic of Germany.

This year the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone bundles all forces to fight the virus in Sierra Leone as well as in Germany. In addition to collecting donations for the necessary protective measures, it is important to combat hunger and economic decline.

Together with the Sierra Leonese Embassy in Berlin, we have sent protective suits and material for the staff of some hospitals in Sierra Leone as part of the Ebola aid.2015

The NGO network established in 2014 can report its first successes. In the Ebola campaign, 6 of the NGOs raised about 170,000 € in donations. A large part has already been used for protective measures and life support.

Second meeting of many NGOs at the Ambassador, Mr. J. Stevens, in Berlin. As a result, it can be stated that the Embassy is intended to support the commitment of the various NGOs.

Preparations for another container transport with relief supplies for medical aid and training.

Donation campaign for a heart operation for the nine-year-old Mohamed from Freetown.

Oct/Nov Visit to existing partnerships in Sierra Leone. Evaluation of the cooperation so far. Development of new contacts, in particular with schools for the deaf and institutions for the promotion of decentralised renewable energy facilities.

Preparation of a new project. EDUREC. EDUcation REnewable Energy Center with the partners “Milton Margai College” and the “barefoot women solar engineers”.

March/April 2016 in Sierra Leone: 4 Bintumani members continue the talks of Nov. 2015.

Participation in the Africa Festival “KE NA KO” at Alexanderplatz, Berlin. Bintumani D-SL presented his activities there, especially the current energy project.

Information event: “Chances for an improvement of living conditions in Sierra Leone” on 30.9.2016 in Berlin-Neukölln. With lectures on health by Dr. M.Wright and Dr. J. Ladipoh. Further lectures on renewable energies by Prof. Dr. M. Hartmann, Dr. T. Wolfram, K.Pellmann and N.Hoffmann.

Preparations for the project “Meni Curve”. Equipping the village with 50 small home systems as well as a school and a health station with renewable solar energy.

October: Another container (40 feet) is sent on its way to Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Content: Tools for wood and metalworking, computers and monitors, first aid kits and workshop equipment for training. Our partners, barefoot women solar engineers, Milton Margai College for Education and Technical, Youth Development Project, Lion for Lion, UBC-Church, look forward to the content.

December: The container has arrived at our partner “barefoot women solar enginers”. Association member Dietmar Schröder accompanied the distribution on site.

Dr. Ladipoh and N.Hoffmann travel to Sierra Leone in January/February.

Our partner “barefoot women solar engineers” install in Meni Curve, Sierra Leone solar systems for 50 houses, a school as well as for the infirmary. The project is financed by the Schmitz Foundation.

The preparations for the project begin.
Information and training centre for renewable energies with small decentralised energy plants. EDUREC – EDUCATION RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTER

Another container transport in cooperation with our partner CVJM Rödinghausen is being prepared.

Bintumani D-SL receives award for KARANA project in Meni Curve


Dr. Ladipoh and N.Hoffmann travel to Sierra Leone in January.

Our team of doctors, “Pediatric Surgery”, travels to Sierra Leone in March to free more than 100 children from their deformities during 2 weeks of operations, some of which are very complicated.

EDUREC is continued. For the module “Biomass Biogas” the first training facilities will be installed in Konta Line in March. Engagement Global has been supporting the project since July 2018. The EDUREC network in Berlin organises curricula and teaching materials for the training centre of barefoot women in Konta LIne.

Engagement Global (bengo/BMZ) approves an initial project application for €50,000 for the EDUREC project. We have to raise 12500,00€ ourselves.

The foundation “nord-süd-brücken” approves a project for Meni Curve. The monitoring system “Karana” can be used. This allows barefoot women to better control the solar systems installed in the 50 houses last year and to intervene more quickly in the event of faults.

Another container, loaded with many relief items, arrived in Freetown on 13.11.18.

On 29.11. and 30.11. the first EDUREC workshop took place in Freetown. 30 stakeholders from all over Sierra Leone got an overview of the EDUREC concept. Dr. M. Hartmann conducted a practical course on the construction and operation of a PV system.


From 8.2.19 to 23.2.2019 our paediatric surgeons again operated many children in Freetown.

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