Pediatric Surgeons 2019

Pediatric surgery 2019

Since 2010, pediatric surgeons and other doctors have been traveling to Sierra Leone annually to operate on children with different illnesses. The stakes, which are the responsibility of the Bintumani D-SL association, last about 2 weeks. The number of children operated on is increasing from years to year as the programme has reached a certain level of awareness.

This year, a team of 6 doctors, an anesthesia nurse and an interpreter’s secretary traveled to Sierra Leone for an assignment on February 8. 

  • Dr. Tilman Gresing, pediatric surgeon from Lippstadt
  • Dr. Ibrahim Al Naieb, pediatric surgeon from Kassel
  • Dr. Sönke Scheunemann, general surgeon from Lippstadt
  • Dr. Sarah Al Naieb, assitenphysician of paediatric surgery from Hanover
  • Dr. Kathrin Rüße, physician for anesthesia from Kassel
  • Dr. Sophia Pee, assistant physician from Kassel
  • MS Esther Käufler, paediatric nurse from Kassel
  • MS Madeleine Martin Interpreter’s Coordinator

There they will have surgeries at Choithram Hospital until February 22. Choithram Hospital is our partner hospital for the project organized by the Bintumani D-SL association.  

The recruitment of children takes place through our cooperation with some institutions namely the Ola During Children’s Hospital (Chief Medical Officer Dr: Bell), the Aberdeen Women’s Centre (Dr. Lako),  Health ward of “Lion for Lion,” an NGO not far from Freetown, and Dr. Lebbie, pediatric surgeon at Connaught Hospital.  Patients were also enrolled directly at Choithram Hospital.

In total, 80 children had already been registered before doctors left. As more patients come forward even after doctors arrive, the targeted number of 100 surgeries will be reached. 

At the request of the paediatricians there, a technical lecture is also planned as a training event at the Ola During Children’s Hospital.

First pictures of the doctors at work.

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