Who we are

Bintumani D-SL – German-Sierra Leone Society e.V. is a non-profit association founded in 1998 by personalities in Germany and Sierra Leone. The aim is to promote relations between projects, institutions and individuals in Sierra Leone and Germany. The focus of the exchange of experience and humanitarian aid is: health, (renewable) energy, agriculture, training, crafts, meetings, cultural exchanges, development aid for self-help.

In addition to the members of the association, doctors from all over Germany, trainees and teachers of the Hans Böckler School and other vocational training institutions, people are involved in the various projects.
Young and old – together with the aim of helping.

To the club name: Bintumani D-SL (other spelling Bintimani; also as a Mount Bintumani and known as Loma Mansa is the highest mountain in Sierra Leone. The mountain with a height of 1945 meters is located in the Loma Mountains. The association that our association certainly intended: a good perspective for the priorities of an organization, a wide look, a cool head.

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