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The association Bintumani D-SL has applied for the decade project “Sustainable Learning” with the Hans-Böckler-Schule (Upper-Level Center for Construction Engineering) in recent years.
We have received several awards for our long-standing commitment, especially to the Africa project in Sierra Leone.

The two members of the association Erich Kotnik (founding member, deceased 2013)
and Norbert Hoffmann were awarded the Federal Cross of Merit (Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany) for their many years of social commitment, especially for Sierra Leone.

Award from the SolarZentrum Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for the idea of setting up an “Information and Training Center for Renewable, Decentralized Energies” in Freetown and Konta Line, Sierra Leone.

More and more photovoltaic systems are being installed in the country of Sierra Leone. However, there are no specialists in the maintenance and repair of the plants. This is where we want to start and offer help.

Award 2016

The village of Meni Curve in Sierra Leone is equipped with extensive electrical equipment. The village, which has lived without power until now, is sustainably equipped with photovoltaic systems.
50 houses
A school
An infirmary, in addition with a refrigerator to store medication longer.

This commitment of our association has been awarded to the Solarzentrum Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Press release

Stadtwerke Konstanz GmbH


Association Bintumani Germany-Sierra Leone is the winner of the Enspire Award, which is dotier-th in the region with 5,000 Euros

Constance. The association Bintumani Deutschland-Sierra Leone wins the Enspire Award 2016, which is dodging with 5,000 Euros. “The innovative project for the self-sufficient and sustainable supply of solar power to the project village Meni Curve in Sierra Leone convinced our expert jury,” says Kuno Werner, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Konstanz. Together with jury member Marion Hammerl, Managing Director of the Bodensee Foundation, and other representatives of the Stadtwerke, he presented the cheque to Norbert Hoffmann. Dr. Ladipoh, CEO of the Bintumani Association, is very pleased about the awarding of the Enspire Award: “With the prize money, we can promote the social and economic use of solar technology in our project village Meni Curve and give all residents a new, sustainable perspective.”

Enspire Energie, the nationwide green electricity brand of Stadtwerke Konstanz, is certified with the Green Electricity Label. As part of the certification, the winning project will now be promoted. The jury included Marion Hammerl Prof. Dr. Maike Sippel, Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Constance Technology, Economics and Design (HTWG), as well as graduate geographer and graduate tropical technologist Rosa Hemmers, chairman of the Grüner Strom Label e.V. The Enspire Award was presented for the third time in 2016.

Picture: Awarding of the Enspire Award 2016 to the Bintumani Association: (from left) Jury member Marion Hammerl, Managing Director of the Bodensee Foundation, Dirk Gutzeit, Phaesun, Norbert Hoffmann, Bintumani, Stadtwerke business manager Kuno Werner, Dr. Jacob Ladipoh, Bintumani, Steffen Maier, project manager Enspire Award, and Gordon Appel, Head of Product Management at Stadtwerke

The winning project

The prize money will provide Meni Curve, a small town in the northeast of Sierra Leone in West Africa, with independent energy supply. The village will be equipped with photovoltaic systems in 2016/2017 and will then have solar power from renewable energies. The facilities of the houses are equipped with a specially developed hardware and software box. These boxes enable the individual PV systems to be connected, resulting in an intelligent, decentralized power grid. The installation and maintenance of the systems is carried out by the regional project partner Barefoot Solar Women Engineers.

The innovative Smart Grid enables the inhabitants of the village to trade in self-produced solar power: in this way, they can buy electricity that they do not need to their neighbours. This additional source of income helps the residents to finance their own solar system. In addition, the system allows residents to buy electricity if the demand is not met by their own PV system.

The existing energy can be used more economically by the networking of the individual plants and the investment costs per kilowatt hour consumed can thus be reduced. This in turn creates new investment opportunities, for example for a solar-powered drinking water well or electrically operated micro-tools for production. The costs of the project can be covered with the 5,000 Euro grant of the Enspire Award.

Information about the Green Electricity Label:

It is the oldest and most demanding seal of quality in Germany and the only one that is supported by environmental associations. The main criteria of the certification are the origin of green electricity and the promotion of the expansion of renewable energies by a fixed amount per kilowatt hour sold. Info:

Information about the Enspire Award:

Behind the Enspire Award is the nationwide green electricity brand of Stadtwerke Kon-stanz. Enspire Energie supplies local electricity from 100 percent German hydropower and is awarded the Green Electricity Label. As part of the certification, the winning project will be funded. The Enspire Award, founded with the aim of establishing renewable energy in emerging and developing countries outside the EU, was awarded for the third time in 2016. Info:

Information about the Bintumani association:

The Bintumani association was founded in 1998 by German and Sierra Leonean citizens. The social and economic consequences for Sierra Leone of the civil war that lasted until 2002 are immense. From the founding of the association to the present day, Bintumani has handed over ten overseas containers of relief supplies to the partner organizations in Sierra Leone. In many on-site visits, Bintumani accompanied the partners with know-how and energy. For example, medical staff training was carried out; German doctors operated in the field of pediatric surgery. Currently, the focus is on the sustainable further development of Sierra Leone. Energy technology plays an important role in this

The village “Meni Curve” has received electricity from us for lighting the houses, school and infirmary.

For the sustainable use of the installed systems, we have developed the monitoring system KARANA with the company “soldesign“. It will be docked to all PV systems at the beginning of 2018 and provides corresponding data that can be read and recognized by the “barefoot women solar engineers” in the sense of rapid maintenance.

The Solarzentrum Mecklenburg-Vorpommern presented us with an award for this hardware and software project in Meni Curve.

The participation, for the third time, at the festival has again had many interesting conversations and contacts.

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