With momentum into the new year

We wish all readers and supporters a healthy and successful year 2018.

We have ambitious plans for the year 2018.

We will start our “Pediatric Surgery Service” in Sierra Leone in January.

As in previous years, Dr. M. Wright and his eight-person team will once again eliminate deformities in young patients and thus enable them to live a more comfortable life.
The up to 70 operations are also used again to train colleagues from Sierra Leone in the corresponding surgical techniques. The two nurses Joan and Marie from “Lion for Lion” are once again supporting them in the field of logistics this year.

We wish all of you a good success!

Also in January, Dr. J. Ladipoh and N. Hoffmann organize the distribution of the objects sent in the last container. The container arrived in Freetown in the last days of December.

We will visit our partners, the “barefoot women solar engineers”, to evaluate the last project from 2017. How are the people in Meni Curve, who have had light through solar systems since March 2017? Does everything work? What’s the next step?

Discussions with barefoot women on the establishment of an information and training centre for renewable forms of energy will be continued.

We will devote further time to the organisation “Klin Salone”. The current unstructured state is to be terminated by a newly formulated statute, new elections and training in accounting. Thoughts on an idea of reusing “waste” will have to be discussed.

Visits to various other NGOs working in the cooperation between Germany and Sierra Leone will be continued in Sierra Leone in January.

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