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Pediatric Surgeons Use 2020

Report on the Humanitarian Surgery operation in Freetown 2020

The Bintumani Association e.V.. organized since 2010 Pediatric surgery operations in Sierra Leone. These are acquired through donations, which are acquired by personal contacts, newspaper calls and written enquiries from companies and companies.

This year’s pediatric surgery took place from 13.03.2020.

The team consisted of 3 pediatric surgeons, a budding pediatric surgeon, an anesthesiologist, an anesthesiologist, a pediatrician and a coordinator and interpreter. The latter is also a member of “Lion for Lion”, our cooperation partner in Sierra Leone.

The operations took place in our partner hospital Choithram Hospital.

The public was made aware of the upcoming visit of pediatric surgeons through radio advertisements and information on social media.

Patients were selected by our cooperating facilities. These are Dr. N.Bell from Ola During Childrens Hospital,Dr Lacko of Aberdeen Womens Centre, Dr George von Choithram Hospital and health post of “Lion of Lion” .

There were of the total over 100 featured children performed 84 surgeries on 82 children aged 1 to 17 years. Some of the children had orthopaedic problems and were advised to contact the hospital in Lunsar, where orthopaedists from Germany are expected. Others could not be operated on because of infections. Some children are on the waiting list for next year’s assignment.

If there is sufficient funding, a plastic surgeon will be deployed in the autumn.

Dr Morley Wright

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